What is Sustainable Denim?

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Garments made by indigo dyed denim fabrics are washed in laundry following several steps and different methods. Simply, the aim of denim washing is to provide worn in, faded look to the garment.

But this is the most polluting industry among all textile departments. The huge quantity of secondhand trash, unusable stock, denim waste, high-consumption of water, hazardous chemicals and energy are the dirty secrets of denim industry.

Sustainable denim garment processing refers to the use of minimal resources (water, chemical and energy) in laundry to execute the wash, also changing the washing methods or reducing one or two steps and even by using alternative chemicals & adopting new technology.

This is the capability to maintain a certain process or state indefinitely. Sustainability has been also expressed as meeting the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet human needs

Sustainable Denim Products Refers To Use Of:

1. Less Water
2. Less Chemical
3. Less Energy

Across the world 7.53 Billion Peoples in 2017 whereas 9 Billion people will be in 2050 or close to that. To feed, give clothing and providing shelter for everyone does not come free. Everything has a cost. This cost to be brought by the environment.

According to total textile exchange, about 20% of industrial fresh water pollution comes from textile treatment and dyeing.

About 2700 liters of fresh water is used to make one cotton T-shirt. About 920 gallons or 3500 liters water is used to make one jeans. Other textile products also consume huge amounts of energy and water in processing and finishing.

1 trillion kwh used by the global textile industry. This equals approximate 10% of global carbon impact.

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