New Technology for Stone Washing "NoStone®" for Blue Jeans

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For customer needs Denim is washed with pumice stone to give more faded, worn in look to the blue jeans. Stone washing involves mining, transportation of stones, storage, machine maintenance and the disposal of waste. The stones are used to wash denim garments in large washing machine and these stone causes damage of washing machine due to wear and tear. 

Also the workers of the washing plants face major challenges to remove the residue, dust and sludge produce after washing. The disposal cost is really high because the residual stones need to remove from the pockets of the jeans which is manual process.

To avoid using pumice stone Tonello (A reputed washing machine producing company based on Italy) has redesigned a newly denim washing system in collaboration with Levi Strauss & Co. that is called "NoStone®". To overcome the limitations involve in stone washing from both economical and environmental aspects, NoStone® will serve a lot.

The NoStone® system is developed as stainless-steel abrasive drum that is attached to the washing-machine cylinder, it is simply revolutionary for sustainable denim production.

Depending on the desired intensity of the abrasion the drum is made specially to make it more or less abrasive. It is easily removable and gives 3 layers of abrasion.  

The levels of abrasion with the NoStone® technology varies which are done by the fineness of the texture on the plates.The run time in the machine determines the level of the stone wash effect.

There is no chemical process rather than mechanical process, the NoStone® effect is the same as that of stone-wash and almost entirely eliminates the carbon emission due to use of pumice stones.

The technology was developed to be applied in all the Tonello machines, to which it fits perfectly, maintaining the same load capacity. Since the plates are easily removable, so the machine can be used for normal washing and dyeing processes.

The benefits of the NoStone®+ process are as followings:
  • Environment friendly
  • Reduces water consumption, 
  • Lower production costs
  • No storage of stones
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Less processing tie
  • Lower manual labour.
  • No dust nor sludge and it doesn’t damage the machine
  • Less waste disposal
  • Give uniform effect in sampling and in bulk production
  • Can be used in all Tonello Machines.

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