Use of Laser To Make Whisker and Hand Scrapping Effect in Denim Washing

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Faded indigo Jeans are loved by people of all ages now a days and globally the demand of blue Jeans are increasing day by day. This denim producing industries consume a large amount of ground water and fortunately all big brands are now conscious about sustainability in this field. The ultimate users have less concern about the consequence of the industry to the environment but it will increase among them soon.

Jeans are made with indigo denim where some dry processes are involved, whisker and hand scrapping (Hand Sanding) are very common. Most of the jeans contain this two dry process that gives a worn in, naturally faded effect to the jeans. In denim finishing different kinds of wet and dry processes are done to give versatile effect on denim. To meet the customer demand, the manufacturer always try their level best to achieve nice denim effect that will contributes huge earning through good selling. 

Reports says, on an average 7 pairs of indigo jeans are worn by each American which is responsible consumption of tons of water, chemicals and energy. To avoid using huge amount of natural resources there are modern techniques and machines in the current market. Laser technology is one of the most effective way to reduce natural resources in denim washing.

For creating the effect of whisker and hand scrapping, emery papers are used to rub the selected part of indigo jeans and then use potassium permanganate (PP) to give brightness. Intensity of the PP depends of amount of PP uses here. In this whole process, a significant amount of water and chemicals are used which is harmful for aquatic lives and also make problem in case of direct contact with skin.

Laser technology can be used to create both the effect, whisker and hand scrapping. Laser burns the indigo molecules from the surface of raw denim and after successive washing it gives worn out, faded look. This is completely a sustainable process because of not using any water or chemicals to get the effect. Also it is less hazardous for worker and also less harmful for the environment. Discharge of huge amount of PP into water bodies causes toxicity in the water that is harmful for fish.

The laser technology uses no water, chemicals and less energy to create a wide variety of denim faded looks. Laser boosters can be applied to the fabric in order to intensify the effect of the laser to mimic heavier bleaching applications. The intensity of bleached look will be a bit less in comparison with direct use of PP.

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