E-Flow technology(Nano Bubble) in Denim Washing was Developed By Jeanologia

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Washing of Denim Garment consumes huge amount of water, chemicals and energy across the globe. The amount of denim industries water consumption is equivalent to the water usage of human in two years and the electricity consumption is the same as 2 years electricity requires in the country Nepal. Also the discharge of wast water into the water bodies are highly alarming for environment and aquatic lives.

Technologies are invented day by day to reduce the resource consumption and make the process sustainable. As greener textile finishing e-flow technology was developed by the Spanish  company Jeanologia. It was a project funded by National Spanish Research and Development in the year 2012. This project was run under Eco-innovation project that is consisted by the industrial validation of recently developed equipment. 

This technology is the sustainable finishing solution to transfer chemicals onto garments made by indigo denim fabric. Ususlly water is used as carrier in every process in washing and at the end of every process that water is discharged into near water bodies as wast water that carries chemicals.

In the nano bubble technology the air from the atmosphere is transformed into nanobubbles where water and just the right quantity of chemicals naturally distribute themselves forming nano bubble skin.A nanobubble skin is a perfect homogeneous mix among water, chemicals and air.Here, a minimal quantity of water, chemicals and energy is needed with zero discharge.The skin is responsible to transform the properties of the chemicals on the garments. Garments are treated in the e-low machine that gives good washing experience same as enzyme and bleach wash.Here the use of water, chemicals and energy are very less with no discharge such as only one glass of water can be washed off one blue jeans thus 98% water is saved.

Since the use of the e-flow technology will derive in significant reduction of use of resources thus the Denim washing companies will benefit in both economical and environmental aspects.

The Benefits of the e-flow technology:
  • Reduction of 98% of water used in denim washing
  • Reduction of 47% energy consumption
  • Elimination of waste water to be discharged into water bodies
  • Elimination of associated chemicals.

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