What is the Amount of Water Used in Producing One Pair Blue Jeans?

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Blue Jeans are made by indigo dyed denim fabric which is mostly cotton or blended in cotton with other fibers. To make denim, cotton is inevitable fiber content that has versatile use and various kind of blending capability. If a blue jean is produced in 100% cotton fiber then the amount of consumption of water from fiber production till denim finishing is huge. 
In total textile supply chain cotton is using 56% among all kinds of fiber so amount of cultivation of cotton in the world is high compare to any other fiber.  Cotton is a thirsty fiber as for cultivation of cotton the requirement of water is relatively too high.

Below chart is showing the amount of water which is required in various purposes including cotton cultivation. Around 1800 gallons or 7200 liters water is required to grow enough cotton to make one pair jeans.

Below chart is showing the amount of water that is required for cotton fiber processing. Around 380 liters of water is used for processing 1 kg cotton. To produce one pair of jeans at least 2 kg cotton fiber is required that means 760 liters water is required for processing enough cotton for one pair jeans.

Raw denim is used to manufacture jeans that is finally treated in denim washing plant to make more vintage, worn looking, faded jeans. A wide range of wet and dry processes are done in washing to make more commercial jeans for customers. In conventional washing method around 150 liters water is consumed for washing one pair of jeans. Below typical chart is showing the total amount of water consumed per 100 kg jeans with others segment data.

In conclusion, around 8110 liters water is consumed to produce one pair of jeans from growing cotton to finish the denims in washing laundry. Data is used here from the sustainable denim processing analysis of NearChimika.

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