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Denim is a durable fabric that is used to make blue jeans and can use after numerous home laundry. The appeal and comfort using faded jeans remain same even after years. But every product has a final stage to go out from your wardrobe. Without throwing out your jeans to landfill you can redesign it to transform other crafts or home appliances.

It will save huge amount of jeans to be left in the landfill and save money if you would buy the appliances from outside. All these crafts are made by recycled and up-cycled denim to make the fashion circular.

Denim Bracelet made by used faded jeans.

craft, used denim, bracelet

Owl made by used jeans

denim owlused jeans, owl

Full Fashion made by used denim.

circular fashion, denimused denim

Bed sheets and pillow made by used denims.

used denim, bet sheetpillow, old denim

Denim Chairs made by up-cycle jeans.

up-cycle denim, chairold denim

Denim bags made by cutting from different used jeans.
ladies, bag, used denim used denim, bags

Denims slippers and sandals for women. 

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Md. Firoz Kabir(M.Sc in Textile Engineering)

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