Nudie Jeans Offers Sustainable Denims Made With Organic Cotton and Recycle Polyester

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Nudie Jeans, a Swedish environment conscious fashion retailer mostly sells denim and jeans. They offer sustainable denims which are made with strict follow up to ensure sustainable materials, production and chemicals to reduce environmental impact.


Sustainable Materials:

sustainable, material, productNudie Jeans offers timeless designed Denims for their customer and they feel the longevity of jeans pair needs to be more rather than going for circular fashion. Consumers use jeans daily and keep them over the time as the garments last long. Nudie Jeans believes that denim is a material that grows more beautiful with time. Starting with a pair of dry denim and wearing them every day will produce the most beautiful and personal wear and tear and the jeans will tell the story of the life you spent wearing them. 

There is a sustainable Material Tool, based on Made By’s Environmental Benchmark for Fibers and the Higg Materials Sustainability Index (MSI), to guide the designers and product developers to achieve Nudie Jeans goal to work with 100% sustainable materials.

As sustainable materials Nudie Jeans used below listed items to produce their products.

  • Organic Cotton
  • Fair Trade Cotton
  • Recycled Polyester
  • Recycled Cotton (PCW)
  • Sustainable Metal Trims
  • Paper patch instead of leather

Reused Denim:

jeans, denim, used, old, recycleRecycling cotton on fiber stage is one way to be more sustainable and decrease the environmental impact. But reusing the actual fabric and garment is an even better option in terms of sustainability. Selling and using old Nudie Jeans brought in by customers, in different ways. The majority becomes patches used in the repair service, but also using the fabric from old Nudie jeans to make new products, such as the bucket hats for example. Also selling turned in jeans as pre-loved Re-use jeans in the Repair Shops. During 2019 a new recycled project was started where fabrics were produced with 20% post consumer waste (PCW) that is called Rebirth.

Rebirth: Made with post-consumer recycled Nudie Jeans.
They work with the notion that ‘throwaway’ and ‘jeans’ are two words that do not belong together. Offering free repairs as well as collecting, repairing and reselling second-hand Nudie Jeans, are initiatives which keeps them true to their philosophy.

The aim of these initiatives is to keep the jeans in use for as long as possible. But as much as we try, fine tuning our craft and our services on offer, not all jeans cannot be brought back to life. For the Rebirth denim they had to take a different approach by doing the next best thing through recycling the jeans into new garments.


To produce textile and apparel products chemicals are required but Nudie Jeans is strict to follow the RSL list and get them signed back from the manufacturers. They follow the rules and regulations set up by EU legislation whether the factories are in or out side the Europe. Their intention to decrease the harmful chemicals and to increase the use of better chemicals. They are only working with the manufacturing facilities who have approved Effluent Treatment Plant and they believe the wastewater is the prime carrier of harmful chemicals into water bodies.

Free Repairs:

jeans, denims, old, used, repairedNudie Jeans takes care of the product once they sold to their customer. They offer free repair of old used jeans to the customer which means a new version of loved jeans get by the consumers. They have established own repair shop at most required places where consumers can get free repair service what they bought from Nudie Jeans.
In 2018 they repaired 55,173 pairs of jeans, which means they saved 65 730 kg of clothes. That's an increase of 12% up on 2017. If each person who repaired their jeans had decided to buy a new pair, the production of these jeans would demand 386,000 tons of water, an amount that would fill 154 Olympic swimming pools.

Repair Kit:

If anybody does not find any repair shop nearby they can offer a repair kit through online which is also free.

Nudie Jeans is trying to keep their sign at every stage of sustainability to produce jeans and helping the environment at a vast level.

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